Monday, January 23, 2012

And so the race begins.

The semester has begun, and life seems to be settling into a routine again. My classes seem to mostly be interesting and my work at SoonerVision is going to be busy and exciting this year. For those interested, here's a little bit about the classes that I am taking.

Intro to Archaeology. I'm learning how to excavate broken pots and pieces of rock that were perhaps (hopefully) created by people thousands of years ago. Though I find major archaeological finds fascinating, I'm pretty sure I will never be an archaeologist. The idea of spending weeks excavating a site only to spend many more months writing about my findings is not immediately appealing to me. However, I'm sure I'll learn a lot in the class and will come out of it with a greater understanding and appreciation for the work that archaeologists do.

General Linguistics. The study of language and communication across cultures. Another required course for anthropology, this class should be vaguely interesting, but again, not in a way that I necessarily want to pursue after graduation.

Medical Anthropology. Now we're getting to the good stuff. Medical anthropology incorporates various parts of anthropology into the study of health and disease across cultures. I actually find this stuff fascinating and am extremely excited for this course. The myriad of ways that health is defined in different cultures is so vast that it would take a lifetime to be able to even list them all, let alone truly understand every one. Hopefully this may help me to determine whether I'd like to end up somewhere in this field after graduation.

Osteology. Woohoo! The class I am so excited to take: the study of bones. This will almost assuredly be my most challenging class, as every class period we have a quiz/test on the information learned in the last class. I've already started to get into the flow of the workload, so I will hopefully be able to keep up with everything and learn a bunch!

Beginning Swimming. Yes, I am actually taking a class (for credit) called Beginning Swimming. Judge me as you will, I will stay in shape and get back into the routine of swimming regularly after several years away from the water following my swim team days.

Thus concludes the more information about my schedule than you care to know section of my blog. Join me again next time and I will perhaps be able to figure out how to write a blog post that is not boring.

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