Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New year, new blog.

I absolutely love to read blogs. My Google Reader is currently populated with almost 20 blogs, most of which are regularly updated. And I check it every. single. day. The blogs I follow range from movie blogs to craft blogs to comic strips. I love to have a little insight into the minds of others. But I'm not an open person myself; I'm just not a blogger. Not yet, anyway. If you really cared what I was thinking about, wouldn't you just ask me about it? Is it up to me to put all of my opinions out into cyberspace for you, the reader, to consume? We'll see. We're going to try this blogging thing out for a little while. I'll try to vary what I write about. I enjoy writing movie reviews, as my upbringing contained enough Mystery Science Theater 3000 to make me appreciate a good scathing critique of a movie (and I'm sure all of my friends would prefer I write down my comments instead of commenting aloud MST3K style). I occasionally dabble in cooking or baking, so you can expect a few recipes (or the grisly details of my failures). My crafting experience is rather limited right now, but my craft supplies are almost endless, so if I find anything interesting, you might read about that, too. And then every so often, you might find out about the ordinary life and times of an everyday college student. Maybe you'll find it enlightening, entertaining, or at least worth a few minutes of your time on occasion.

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  1. Mystery Science rules. Some movies deserve commenting outloud.