Monday, September 26, 2011

I am a Responsible Human Being

No, really, I am. Sometimes. Except when I'm not.

See, the problem is that I go in cycles. I start getting stuff done when I need to, and even planning ahead of time (great in theory...difficult in practice). I start doing awesome adult things.
Like exercising.
And keeping stuff organized.
And going to the bank (and talking to bank people about important grown-up savings accounts and Debit cards)
And paying bills on time.
Maybe even doing homework before the day it's due.
I pride myself on the fact that I've used an afternoon exactly like I should. I'm going to be a real person. And I'm going to get stuff done like a champion. Then I hit the realization that I'm going to have to keep doing stuff like this all the time. For the rest of my life. Until I die. I'm going to have to keep being responsible and not slacking off and...that's all. Forever. And eventually I slip. It's at this point that I usually end up watching several hours of TV show episodes back to back. Things kind of go downhill from there.
I start checking Pinterest more frequently, because it makes me feel like I'm being creative without expending the effort.
I might accomplish the less-important things that are lower on my to-do list, because at least I'm getting something done.
This is a vicious cycle. Eventually, I hope to get off the roller coaster, and stay on the responsibility train forever. And try and stay sane. Because that's what grown-up people do.

P.S. This post follows the same basic storyline as this Hyperbole and a Half. Allie's life apparently parallels my own too well. Except she makes money from her blog. And for me, writing blog posts falls into the part of the responsible category that barely happens.

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