Sunday, May 15, 2011

Summer 2011, Baby.

School's out for summer! (No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks). Oh, what a year it is has been. This semester has brought all sorts of changes to my life (some good ones, and some not so good ones), and I am certainly looking forward to taking a nice break from the usual and stepping out of my comfort zone. For those of you who don't know, I'm going to be spending the majority of my summer with the lovely Susan Stancampiano and her family on the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Considering that I'm used to spending my time either in Norman or in Guymon (Oklahoma is sadly quite landlocked), this is going to be quite the new experience. To say I'm really looking forward to it would be an understatement.
Susan's mother works as the head of the HR department for Kitty Hawk Kites, a company that offers everything from hang gliding lessons to kayak tours to some amazingly cool retail, so I'm going to be working at the shop there. I'm hoping to use this opportunity to work on my self-discovery (cliche, I know) and try some new things. It's going to be a blast, and I am not going to take this once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity for granted.
I'm hoping to use the blog more this summer to keep everyone updated on our adventures. Hopefully, I'll post some awesome stories and some great pictures to ensure that if you're not with us, you'll be jealous. On the other hand, I'm going to be living on the beach, so if I don't post as often as I hope, that will be okay, too.
5 days and counting until we leave for our long drive to North Carolina. Adventure is out there!

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